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LORDS company

LORDS is a French company specialized in decoration items on internet.

Established in November 2004, this company has the concept of providing individuals and works councils a wide range of original articles in the field of gifts and home decor.

Currently we offer the following product families:

  • Lamps, lanterns, candle holders and incense burner POLAND salt crystals.

  • Maritime decoration articles.

Our commitment to satisfy you as soon as possible and at the best price

1 - Competitive prices throughout the year.

Our prices are lower by 15% to 50% depending on the products, than those of our competitors.The reason we buy in large quantity products which allows us to obtain competitive prices, and I decided to share it with you.

2 - Quality products. Satisfied guarantee - repaid

To guarantee the highest quality, the products are inspected and tested before shipment and are packaged to prevent deterioration. In the event that a product would arrive home broken or chipped, we are committed to exchange it at no cost, and this promptly.

3 - Product safety.

  • All electrical products we offer (salt crystal lamps, marine lamps), satisfy the safety requirements in force in the European Union.

  • Salt crystal products (natural, machined, lantern, aroma diffusers, candle holders), marine lamps come with a manual that is also available on the website (click on the name of the article Interested to get his instructions).

- products available throughout the year.

Our products are in stock before you that we were proposing.

  • For the salt crystals products, we have a large stock.

  • For maritime decorative items, our European suppliers are able to deliver to us within a week (except accidental rupture stock and production stop).

5 - Fast delivery within 48 hours.

A command with its payment received by mail is processed the same day and shipped by DHL next day at the latest. You receive your package, 3 days after your order has reached us if the product is in stock (otherwise, the maximum period is indicated).

To avoid losing the transportation problem, the products are packed in cartons with a volume allows the transport without damage.

6 - Payment security.

Currently, the payment of the products is made by check, money order, wire transfer or credit card, from a purchase order.

Soon, secure online payment by credit card from the People's Bank (CyberPaiement) will be implemented.

Our values

  • In terms of products natural salt crystals, the latter is extracted next to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. These salt crystals are manufactured handcrafted POLAND, by skilled workers using ancient methods and with knowledge passed for generations. It is not products made by children or political prisoners.

Our Philosophy

Lords ( ) is an internet shop selling articles of Marine and Maritime Decoration Art decoration. With currently more than 400 references, you will find original and unique object you are looking for. 
You will also find fact sheets featuring warm atmospheres where you will find inspiration, a decorative object, a lamp, a piece of furniture that will make your home or place you have chosen a better place live. 
Each release of the event letters, monthly newsletter or decorative sheet you will discover furniture and curiosities of a decorating style. Witness the art of French living. On the site that will evolve over time, always listening to its customers and readers, you will discover marine decor items, maritime decoration, Polish salt crystal lamps. 
The late nineteenth century was rich in artistic creation. Over the decades, Art and Home Decor captivated a growing audience by offering a clear approach to artistic trends while incorporating the art of French living. The art of living is the creed of LORDS company that continues today to highlight the huge French cultural heritage in the field of interior design. Several themes are addressed: marine decoration, decoration Egyptian, Moroccan decor. With many items. Each country hides talents, very popular in the circles of insiders but unknown to the general public. The LORDS site wants to offer them a platform to showcase the work of the craftsmen who still keep traditional ways of working beyond the galloping globalism that kills these specificities. 
All navigation instruments and all the decoration on the theme of marine and home décor and furniture sailor:


  • Fixtures, Table Lamps, The wall, the hanging lamps. The marine furniture with teak trees, mahogany, rosewood, sheesham, cherry, rosewood.

  • Models: model ships, half hulls, sails executives Pen Duick.
  • Decoration, bar wheels & pulleys, games, globes, amphorae, nodes managers, exotic wooden objects, rope and wooden objects, windows mirrors, pendulums, the figures of bows, accessories office, brass desk accessories, accessories wooden desk, calligraphy items, watches, and desk clocks,
  • brass objects, hanging keys, key fobs, bookends, navigation items, time indicators & perpetual calendars, weather, barometers, barometers water, Galileo thermometers, the timepieces (watches)

LORDS the site, but also the following products:


  • marine decoration, nautical items, navy, naval carpenter, cabinetmaker navy, navy cabinetry, marine woodwork, sculptures, Sculptures, boats, boat, sailing ships, marine decoration, sailboats, Navy object, barometer, barometer, half -Shell, half shell, table, table nodes, chest of drawers, coffee table, desk,

  • sextant, marine instruments, navigational instruments, ship table, marine decoration shop, shop decoration, rudder, sails, figurehead, skipper, pulley, knot, decoration, tableware, toys, Retro, Style, Old, Outdated, Pub , Plates, Shelves, Lamps Collection
  • Apply blinds, lighting, Kids, Games, Board Games, interior decoration, furnishing, kitchen, Tableware, Room, Shop, Plate, Clock, Alarm, Lounge, hooks, Wood, Thermometers, Bol, Mugs, flat, Teapot, barometer, thermometer sailor porthole, barometers, lamps, mirrors and clocks portholes, brass objects, half shells, various furniture. marine decoration, marine object, marine furniture, marine decoration
  • Marine anchors, bells edge, decoration, door mirrors, maritime decoration, boats, Decoration, Decorative marine, terrestrial globes, steering wheels, Whistles Bosco, cigarette lighters, marine objects, marine decoration, marine lamps, engraved plaques, navy, maritime safety, marine doors coats, navy Whistles for office articles, navigation, marine interior design, models, maritime decoration, antique lamps, dividers, trivet, decorative navy, deco navy, marine decoration, marine decoration, marine objects, interior decoration, interior decoration, marine porthole mirror, lighting, office equipment, diving helmet, art sextant table, navy knife, diving, diving bell, marine clothing, marine game
  • Marine decoration, decoration ideas Navy gifts, original ideas for home interior navy, deco home decorating ideas, models, marine decoration, fishing boat trawler boat, buoy rudder, rudder clock clock clock anchor buoy, lighthouse cabinet keys, lighthouse, towel racks, lamp sailing boat, flashing beacon showcase sea decor, key box, CD cabinet, knots frame, frame on canvas, boat storage, photo frame
  • mirror dolphin fountain buoy Deco marine knots on canvas, fishnet, float, trivet, marine decoration, gifts, boutique marine decoration, painting, model, sculpture, signed works, decoration, crafts crafts, coffee tables, lighting items marine, candle holder, bird lamp, signed pieces, pencil holder, Breton characters, brass windows, barometers, desk lamps, suspension, model, half shell glass watch, marine decoration, decoration, decoration marine shop
  • Fixtures, table lamps, suspensions, marine furniture, teak, mahogany, rosewood, cherry, models, model boats, decorated, half-shells, Pen Duick, amphorae, helm wheels & pulleys, games, globes, knots frames Rope objects, mirrors portholes, figures prows, office accessories, brass desk accessories, wooden desk accessories, calligraphy, Desktop clock, brass objects hanging keys, key, bookends, life on board , navigation, time indicators & perpetual calendars, weather, barometers, barometers water, thermometers, clocks, watches, clocks.

Finally, the site LORDS is also salt crystal lamps


  • Crystal lamp lit salt is a natural source of ions. Also called Salt Lamp - Salt Lamp - salt crystal lamp, lamp, salt, salt lamp, salt crystal lamp, ionization, zen, feng shui, it balances the atmosphere you breathe through a dual action ionizing and relaxing.

  • It is also a deco Gifts festive, gift home decor, gifts deco, deco party.
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